About Us

Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District (Rec & Park) is a Special District, an independent government agency separate from the City of Pleasant Hill and other government agencies. Rec & Park is governed under the Public Resources Code of the State of California and an elected Board of Directors who sets policy for district. Rec & Park was established in 1951 by citizens who desired recreational opportunities and park facilities in their community. Today, Rec & Park provides and manages extensive District-owned parks, facilities, open space, and recreation programs and events throughout the community. Michelle Lacy, General Manager, leads all Rec & Park operations. 

Our Vision

To be the leaders in providing WOW! experiences every day. 

Our Impact

  • We serve over 40,000 people within the community, an area about 20% larger than of the City of Pleasant Hill.
  • We touch approximately 100,000 or more persons who participate in programs, visit District facilities, or volunteer annually.
  • We promote an active, healthy life-style for preschool, youth, teens, adults and seniors.
  • We foster self-enrichment and personal development through offering over 2,300 classes, programs and activities.
  • We preserve and drive community economic value by providing diverse programs, well-maintained neighborhood and community parks, trails and open space to attract and retain residents, businesses and visitors.
  • We strengthen community engagement by working closely with community partners and clubs, coordinating volunteer activities, co-sponsoring community events, and supporting local charities.
  • We preserve and protect natural resources of California by conscientiously and proactively maintaining the District's 269 acres of parkland.
  • We improve safety and security by providing positive recreational activities and safe environments for at-risk groups.