Special Event Promotional Policy

Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District is committed to bringing special community events to Pleasant Hill as part of our mission to be the leaders in providing WOW! experiences every day for our district residents. To preserve accuracy and consistency of facts, purpose, intent and "story" related to our events, we have established the following event promotional policy for our community partners, collaborators and sponsors:

 1) Photography and videography at Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District events require prior authorization from Event Coordinator. Photography and video credit and recognition will be noted in programs and other materials as deemed appropriate. 

 2) All third-party print, digital or video promotion related to a Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District hosted or co-hosted event, must be approved by Marketing & Communications Manager prior to distribution. Sponsor promotions must meet the following expectations:

  • Sponsor promotions shall be consistent and accurate with event messaging/graphics/color pallet. 
  • Sponsor social media promotions shall be synergistic with event lead social media promotions.
  • Sponsor event-enhancement ideas shall be logistically feasible, on the event site and coordinated in advance prior to promotion.
  • Sponsor promotions shall preserve both the event branding and host/co-host branding and recognition on promotional assets.

3) Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District reserves the right to use all print and digital assets, raw photos and videos taken by a third party at our events.

We appreciate your cooperation in advance.