Additional Policies & Information

Board Policy Handbook- The Board of Directors has adopted policies to provide a guide to the Board of Directors and the General Manager. These policies can be amended by resolution. 

Browning Reserve Study - This study was conducted in 2017 to identify life of District assets and funding needed to replace items as they reach the end of their useful life.

Cost Recovery Policy (PDF)- The purpose of this policy is to establish a criteria for cost recovery of District Departments and activities by level of benefit.

Map of District Boundaries and Service Areas (PDF) – This is a map of the District boundaries and service area which includes identification of parks, open space, and city boundaries.

Municipal Service Review and Sphere of Influence Studies 2021 (PDF) – The Municipal Service Review adopted by Contra Costa LAFCO. Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District’s review starts on page 50.

SB 272-Catalog of Enterprise Systems (PDF)-  The District is required to provide a list of enterprise software systems it utilizes in the operation of the District.