Preschool Enrichment Classes

Preschooler painting on easel outsideEnrich your child's education with fun and engaging classes for your little one. 
Our classes are welcoming, fun and celebrate creativity and play!

Creative Spark Theater Classes (3 - 4 yrs)
Theater Summer Camps

Music Classes with Andrea Gaspari (1 yr 3 mo - 6 yrs)
Winter/Spring Music Classes (Let's Make Music & Piano & Me)
Music Summer Camps

Pre-Ballet (3-5 yrs)
Winter/Spring Pre-Ballet Classes
Spring/Summer Pre-Ballet Classes

Spanish 4 Kids (3-7 yrs) 
Spanish Summer Camps

Sweet Pea Aerobics (3-5 yrs)

Young Rembrandts JR Drawing Classes (4-7 yrs)
Jr Dawing Summer Camps

Zumbini Bilingual (6 mo - 5 yr 6 mo)
Spring/Summer Classes