Ages 2 years 6 months to 3 years 6 months by September 1st.

The Hummingbirds classes are designed to introduce our youngest students to the wonderful world of school and to build a sense of self away from their home life. 

Important Skills

Here are just some important skills we focus on in Hummingbirds:

Socialization Skills

Taking turns, sharing, listening, following directions, co-operative play, self-expression (verbal skills), adjusting to transitions, and positive teacher-child, parent-child relationships.

Self-Help Skills

Developing self-confidence and taking pride in achievements; beginning self care (e.g. personal hygiene - hand washing, toileting and nose wiping); improving willingness to try new things, and communicating wants and needs.

Gross Motor Skills

All gross motor skills are taught with safety in mind. These skills include running, jumping, climbing, trike riding, crawling through tunnels and developing self-confidence on playground equipment and outside.

Fine Motor Skills

Block and play-dough manipulation; puzzles, sensory exploration; competency in use of materials such as glue, paint, rollers, stamps, scissors; correct use of markers and crayons.


Listening comprehension; introduction to colors, shapes, numbers, counting, basic cooking concepts, patterning and sequencing. Beginning science and social science; Introduction to our literary heritage through nursery rhymes, fairy tales and stories.


MWF and TTH 8:15-11:15 a.m.

Pleasant Hill Winslow Center Room 3

2590 Pleasant Hill Road

Pleasant Hill, CA