What facilities, buildings and offices are closed?

The following buildings, facilities, and offices are closed to the public until further notice:

Pleasant Hill Community Center*, 320 Civic Drive, Pleasant Hill

Pleasant Hill Senior Center, 233 Gregory Lane

Pleasant Hill Teen Center*, 147 Gregory Lane  

Pleasant Hill District Administrative Office, 147 Gregory Lane

Pleasant Hill Aquatic Park**, 147 Gregory Lane

Pleasant Hill Winslow Center, 2590 Pleasant Hill Rd.

Rodgers Ranch Heritage Center, 315 Cortsen Rd

KIDSTOP* at Gregory Gardens Elementary, 1 Corritone Ct,

[* Open for PHRec Cares childcare programs only; ** Open for Aquatic fitness, swim lessons and Dolfin Swim Teams]

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1. How has Rec & Park been impacted by COVID 19 Coronavirus?
2. What Rec & Park "essential" services will remain operational?
3. What facilities, buildings and offices are closed?
4. What Rec & Park classes/programs have been suspended?
5. Will I get a refund for classes/programs that cannot be rescheduled for make-up?
6. What Rec & Park events canceled?
7. Are you accepting rental reservations?
8. What happens if I have an event scheduled at one of your venues and I have to cancel due to COVID-19?
9. Are parks and open space areas open?
10. Is the Pleasant Hill Aquatic Park (pool) open?
11. Are seniors still able to get meals from CC Cafe?
12. Where can I get information about available Senior Programs and Services during shelter-in-place?
13. If I have a questions, how do I contact Rec & Park?
14. We're bored! What suggestions do you have?