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Getting outside, exercising, and outdoor play are healthy ways to cope in extremely stressful situations. Now more than ever, we need this important and essential outlet as we begin to recover from the slowing pandemic. All outdoor park playground structures are OPEN for play! Get out and play today!

Keeping Our Parks Green with Recycled Water!


For over 15 years, Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District has championed and practiced water conservation by using recycled water to keep our parks green!

We continue to find ways to be water-smart in our efforts to balance water conservation with our goal to provide you with the finest parks and green spaces possible. 

Fortunately, the majority of our largest irrigated landscape areas including Pleasant Hill Park, Pleasant Oaks Park, Chilpancingo Park, College Park High School fields, Valley View Middle School fields, the Senior Center, and the Community Center, all utilize reclaimed water allowing us to keep the landscaping alive in those locations and fields green and in playable condition.

To learn how you too can be water smart, get tips from our friends at @contracostawaterdistrict. Visit

If you have any questions about the District water use in our parks and landscape areas, please contact Tom Bradley, Park Superintendent here.

Paso Nogal Open Space

Paso Nogal Open Space & Dog Park

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Brookwood Park Play Structure

Brookwood Park

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Pleasant Hill Park

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Pleasant Oaks Park

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Picture of playground at Rodgers-Smith Park

Rodgers-Smith Park

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Bridge at Shannon Hills Park

Shannon Hills Park

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Please contact our District office for park or PH Aquatic Park (pool) rental inquiries during regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 9:00 am -5:00 pm at (925) 682-0696 or email customer service here (Subject line: Park or Pool Rental Inquiry). 

  1. Tom Bradley

    Tom Bradley

    Park Superintendent

For Park issues or concerns, please contact Tom Bradley, Park Superintendent at 925-671-4649. For emergencies please call 911