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Paso Nogal Park


  1. Dog Exercise Park
  2. Picnic Tables
  3. Trails

About Paso Nogal Park:

There are 8 entrances to Paso Nogal Park and open space. The main entrance is located on Paso Nogal Road. Others are Kiki Road, Boies Drive, Gail Drive, Odin Drive, Morello Avenue, and Paso Nogal Court.

The park and open space area is generally bounded by Taylor Boulevard to the south, Morello Avenue to the East and Paso Nogal Road to the North.

This park is designated as open space and offers a fenced in dog exercise park area (2.5 acres), small picnic areas and approximately 63 acres of scenic hiking trails.

Dogs must be on a leash AT ALL TIMES when outside of the fenced in off-leash dog park area. This policy includes the open space hiking trails. Please respect others on the trails who may or may not like a friendly (or not-so-friendly) greeting from your canine company. Our open spaces for everyone to enjoy. Again, please keep your dog on a leash at all times. 

To report uncooperative dogs or dog owners, please report the incident to Contra Costa Animal Services at (925) 608-8400.

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday

Dawn to Dusk*

*The dog park is closed on Wednesdays for maintenance until 3:00 pm (or until maintenance work is completed). Open space trails remain open. 


9:00 a.m.- dusk




The Dog Park CLOSES due to wet conditions and will remain closed for approximately 3 days to allow the areas to dry out. Just remember: If the areas are muddy, it's too wet for your canine buddy! Thank you for understanding and for your cooperation. 

Instead of calling our District Office, please sign up for email/text alerts below for notifications to determine Dog Park status.  Email/Text alerts will keep you updated should Park status change. 


Sign Up for Dog Park Status Email/Text Alerts here:
Scroll to ALERTS and find "Dog Park Updates". Click on email or text alert preference, select icons on the right. The system will verify your email or phone number via a text message.

Rules for Paso Nogal Off-Leash Dog Exercise Area

  • Dogs must be at least 6 months old, up to date with current vaccinations and free of contagious conditions. 
  • Dogs must display current registration tags on their collar.
  • Owner/handlers are required to clean up after their dogs. Doggie bags are provided through membership donations (PH DOG).
  • All owners/handlers using the area must carry a leash for each of their dogs.
  • Owners/handlers must prevent their dogs from digging as it damages the turf and creates a hazard for other users.
  • Dogs in heat are not allowed.
  • Number of dogs per owner/handler is limited to no more than 4.
  • There are two fenced in Off Leash Exercise Areas for dogs: one for dogs under 25 lbs and the other for larger dogs.