• Our group loves to travel far and wide.
  • Patti loves a good adventure and a handsome man.
  • Marie, Marion, Cathy and Lola all await to eat at the famous Fat’s Restaurant in Old Town.
  • Our group loves Hearst Castle and the holiday time is the perfect time to see it!
  • Our travelers are good passengers, good sports and always looking to have a good time!
  • The smallest bridge holds more Seniors then you think!
  • Our Seniors are winners! Here they are with their jockey in the winners circle.
  • Our Seniors can be a riot. Patrick especially.
  • Mary Ann and Walter had a great day watching the Blue Angels with their family
  • Liv, Carol and Sylvia all love a good Peanuts story
  • Sometimes we need to take a break from all of our adventuring.
  • Craig Smith is an excellent guide and historian, we love travelling with him on many adventures.
  • Our Seniors enjoy historical tours like this one at San Juan Batista Mission.
  • Sometimes, it’s good to sit and listen.
  • Our Seniors can be very adventurous! They went all the way to Russia!
  • Ron enjoys the view of the new bridge and the old bridge as it is being disassembled.
  • Sometimes we meet local celebrities on our travels.
  • Erne Sherne loves Marilyn and Palm Springs!
  • Elkhorn Slough Trip August 28, 2015
  • So much greenery.
  • SF has many wonders and we still explore them.
  • Our tours usually have docents so we can find out more about the places we visit.
  • Donna and Elaine are troublemakers.
  • Liz Bunz treated us to a beautiful tour of her family farm.
  • The Seniors got to travel to this farm, owned by former 49er Dan Bunz.
  • The Seniors also each got to take home a lavender sachet.
  • The Seniors were treated to lavender lemonade and lavender cookies.
  • These ladies had a great time at the Begonia Festival

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