What Rec & Park classes/programs have been suspended?

The following programs, classes and activities will not be held until further notice. If a program or class cannot be rescheduled, a member of our staff will contact your directly and provide a refund where applicable. 

  • Bumblebees Tot Drop
  • Priority Preschool Classes
  • Preschool Enrichment Classes
  • Preschool & Youth Sports Classes
  • KIDSTOP After School Program
  • Youth Homeschool classes
  • Youth Sports Leagues
  • Youth & Teen Enrichment Classes
  • Youth & Teen Spring Break Camps (April 6-10)
  • Teen Center After School Program
  • Adult Enrichment Classes
  • Adult Fitness & Dance Classes
  • Adult Sports Leagues
  • Senior Enrichment Classes
  • Senior Club Activities
  • Senior Trips
  • Senior Services
  • Senior Center Computer Lab
  • Senior Center Library
  • Swim Lessons
  • Lifeguard Training Classes
  • Aquatic Fitness Classes
  • Lap Swim
  • Dolfins/Mini Dolfins Swim Team

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1. How has Rec & Park been impacted by COVID 19 Coronavirus?
2. What Rec & Park "essential" services will remain operational?
3. What Rec & Park classes/programs have been suspended?
4. Will I get a refund for classes/programs that cannot be rescheduled for make-up?
5. What Rec & Park events are postponed or canceled?
6. Are you accepting rental reservations?
7. What facilities, buildings and offices are closed?
8. Are parks and open space areas closed?
9. Are seniors still able to get meals from CC Cafe?
10. If I have a questions, how do I contact Rec & Park?
11. We're bored! What suggestions do you have?