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Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District is working to educate ourselves and others about the wonderful and diverse cultures in our community. Recognizing a variety of cultures and holiday celebrations throughout the year is the first step in this learning process. Our first goal is to help educate and celebrate!

No matter where you live, what you believe, or what traditions you follow, holiday celebrations are important. Whether you’re giving thanks during a religious celebration, celebrating a historically significant event, or starting a new year, every holiday has unique traditions and special meaning to those who celebrate it. We are excited to learn and share some of this rich diversity as a Special District.  

In December 2021, for example, we organized a multicultural holiday celebration showcase at our Around The World Holiday Express event. We dedicated an entire section to celebrating holidays around the world, not just in December but throughout the year. We hope you enjoyed the displays and learn something new. Keep scrolling to see the showcase highlights below.

Culture Recognition
Throughout the year, we will endeavor to not only highlight holiday celebrations but also feature cultural groups and/or nationally recognized individuals to celebrate their significant contributions made to our national society. Each feature will include a resource to learn more. 

If you would like to share more about your culture, traditions and/or holiday celebrations, we welcome your insight!
Please contact us here.

Diwali 2022 Festival of Lights

Around The World 2021 Displays

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Three displays highlighted cultural and/or religious holiday celebrations that occur in the month of December. 

  • Hanukkah 
    Although the last candle of the menorah was lit on Monday (12/10), we wanted to highlight this popular Jewish holiday that is celebrated in December. Click here to learn more
  • Kwanzaa
    An African-American holiday to celebrate family, community, and culture based on seven symbolic principles (the Nguzo Saba). Click here to learn more

    Click here for more ideas to celebrate Kwanzaa
    Thank you to MDUSD Parents for Multicultural Education for teaching us! Follow them on Facebook or Instagram @multiculturalparents

  • Filipino Christmas
    In the Philippines, the Christmas season is 4-month long celebration with festivities kicking off on September 1. For Filipinos, the parol is the symbol of the star that led the Three Kings to the town of Bethlehem on the night Jesus Christ was born and is a staple in most households. Click here to learn more 
    Thank you PHRec & Park staff member, Audrey for sharing your cultural traditions

This wall was a symbolic showcase that shines a light on the rich beauty of different cultures in our community and from around the world. 

The Around the World projected video highlighted some major holiday celebrations around the world that happen throughout the (Gregorian calendar) year. There is no one holiday season.

Click here to view video

Many holidays around the world incorporate light as part of their holiday celebrations. This light display represents this symbolic connection around the world to promote unity, peace, and hope for a brighter future.  


What holiday do you celebrate? 
We want to learn more!

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