Swim Lessons

Swim Instructor Teaching toddler how to swim in pool

Swim Lessons Save Lives

According to the CDC, participation in formal swimming lessons can reduce the risk of drowning, the second leading cause of accidental death among children age 1 - 4 years.

Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District offers a wide variety of swim lessons from 6 months to adults.

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Swim Lesson Schedule

Click on the Lesson Schedule for your age group. This will take you directly to the online catalog that lists class dates and times available for easy registration. If you have questions, please contact us at (925) 682-0896 or customerservice@pleasanthillrec.com


Fall lessons begin September 3. All classes are 25 minutes long. 

Parent Tot GROUP Lesson Schedule

Tiny Tot GROUP Lesson Schedule

Pre-School GROUP Lesson Schedule

Youth GROUP Lesson Schedule

Adult/Teen GROUP Lesson Schedule

PRIVATE Lesson Schedule

View/download the 2019 Fall Swim Lesson flyer (PDF).

Schedule Planning Tip
Please plan your schedule carefully. There are no make-ups or refunds for missed classes. 

Please speak to the lesson manager at the first session if you have any special requests or information 
regarding your child’s swim lessons. Lesson managers supervise lessons on the pool deck; they 
will assist with any of your concerns.

Swim Lesson Questions?

Contact the District Office at 925-682-0896. 

Age / Ability Levels

Parent / Tot: 6 months - 4 years

Parent and child participate together and receive instruction in water adjustment, swim readiness skills, and water safety. Swim attire: tight-fitting “swim pants” and swimsuit. No disposable or cloth diapers.

Tiny Tot: 3 - 4 years

Child must be ready to learn without parent participation. Skills: water adjustment, elementary aquatic skills and water safety. Ratio 3:1

Pre-School: 4 - 6 years

Child must be ready to learn without parent participation. Skills: water adjustment, elementary aquatic skills, stroke development and water safety. Abilities may vary. Ratio 4:1

Youth: 6 - 12 years

Students will learn a variety of strokes, personal safety skills and diving techniques. Beginning students will learn elementary aquatic skills and water adjustment. More advanced students will refine their skills and learn how to incorporate swimming into a lifelong fitness program. Ratio 4:1

Adult/Teen: 12+ years 

New strokes and techniques for stroke improvement will be taught. Skills: floating, kicking, crawl stroke, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, sidestroke, elementary backstroke, diving, and turns. Ratio 5:1

Private: 3.5 years - Adult

One-on-one instruction for all ability levels.