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Have Fun! Swim Fast! Founded in 1964, the Pleasant Hill Dolfins is a summer recreational swim team. Daily practice with instruction in all four competitive strokes,racing starts and turns and swim meets in the summer. The team also offers special activities for swimmers and their families. Swimmers must be able to swim 15 yards of freestyle (face in the water with rhythmic breathing).

Head Coach Talli Pitcher, Assistant Head Coach Vicky Dewey, Kenan Tugcu, Beth Heinen, Carol Madsen, Clare Alden

Thursday, March 9, 5:00 pm at PH Education Center Pool, 1 Santa Barbara Road
or Friday, April 21, 4:00 pm at PH Aquatic Park, 147 Gregory Lane
For new 8 & under swimmers ONLY.

Registration Fees (14 & under):
1/3–2/28. . . . . . .$365/$350 (Dist. Res.)
3/1–3/31. . . . . . .$390/$375 (Dist. Res.)
4/1–4/30. . . . . . .$415/$400 (Dist. Res.)
After 4/30. . . . .$445/$430 (Dist. Res.)
High School . . . .$265/$250 (Dist. Res.)
Fee includes team t-shirt. Register early to take advantage of the optional payment plan.

Priority registration 1/3–2/14 for returning Dolfins & siblings. Registration for new members to the team opens 2/15.
In-Person: January 3–May 22, 2017 at the District Office (M–F, 9:00 am–5:00 pm)
For more information, call 682-0896.

ONLINE Registration
Click on link below to register based on age as of 6/15/17:

8223.301 (6 & under)
8224.301 (7–8 yrs)
8225.301 (9–10 yrs)
8226.301 (11-12 yrs)
8227.301 (13–14 yrs)
8228.301 (15–18 yrs)

Practice Schedule (Season runs 4/24–8/7)
Spring practice held at PH Aquatic Park: 147 Gregory Lane;
Summer practice at PH Education Center Pool: 1 Santa Barbara Road

*For 11–18 swimmers: all practices are at PH Education Center Pool. In the summer, their primary
practice is in the morning. The evening practice is designed for novice 11–18 swimmers or those who cannot make the morning practice. No practice May 29, July 3–7. County meet qualifying swimmers practice through August 11.

Work Assignments:
Parents/families play a vital role in thesuccess of this program and parent participation is required. $200 Family Fee (per family) must be paid by check at thetime of registration to the Pleasant Hill Dolfins Parent Club. Family Fees will be returned in the fall if all work assignments were completed. Visit pleasanthilldolfins.com for more information.

MINI-DOLFINS (7 years and under)

A program for young swimmers who are not quite ready for the Dolfins Swim Team.
Swimmers will be instructed in all competitive skills. Depending on progress/ability, participants may join the Dolfins. Summer Mini-Dolfins participate in end-of-season and age-group parties. They also receive a team t-shirt.Registrations for Mini Dolfins will begin in March 2017.




Mt. Diablo Dolphins
(Registration opens August 10)
Registered USA Swim Club

Mt. Diablo Dolphins is a registered USA Swim Club. Swimmers will be competing in USA swim meets
in the fall (short course season). Age group is determined by the swimmer’s age for
the 2015 summer season. Registration fees include USA Swimming membership.
No class 10/31, 11/11.

What Makes Mt. Diablo Dolphins Unique
Our experienced coaches provide the foundation and building blocks for eachteam member to succeed
not only as an athlete, but also as a person. Individual members learn to contribute their unique strengths
to support the overall success of the swim team. With MDD—MOTIVATION, DETERMINATION, DEDICATION and the
sportsmanship of swimming, the team is united and grows together—as individuals and as a group
of successful swimmers.

Head Coach: Talli PItcher
PH Aquatic Park, 147 Gregory Lane
10 yrs & under | $310/$295 (Dist. Res)
9/11–11/17 M/W/F 4:45-5:45 pm

10 yrs & up | $335/$320 (Dist. Res)
9/11–11/16 M-Th 5:45–6:45 pm