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Get Fit with Alison

Purchase a multi-fitness punch card and use it for any of the fitness classes offered by Alison Raphael-Klippel including Barre Plus, Pilates, Stretching for Everyone and WeightTraining listed below. Try a new class or work out more than once a week.

45-minute version of Strengthen from Within-Barre Plus combines the best of the Lottie Berk Method, ballet techniques and
Pilates movement principles to provide an energizing, dance-based workout that strengthens, stretches and tones the whole

Improve the health of your body by increasing the flexibility of your hips, shoulders, core and hamstrings.

Bring the mind, body and breathing together while learning the fundamentals of Pilates.

Sculpt a better and healthier you with this total body workout.

Dance Mixx Jazzercise
(Co-Ed/Adult - All levels)
Torch fat, sculpt lean muscle and crush calories with this high-intensity workout that mixes dance-based cardio with strength

Forge the tight, lean body you're looking for while the pulse-pounding playlist distracts you from the burn.

Fencing: The Ultimate Sport
Fencing is a physical and mental challenge. Teens (16–17 yrs) welcome with parent.

Fit for Life hands
Low impact easy dance moves for a good cardio workout. Muscle conditioning and stretching are part of the program.

Flex for Fitness hands
Stretching and band resistance exercises. Can be done in a chair.
Mondays 1:00-2:00 pm
Wednesdays & Fridays 9:30–10:30 am

Gentle Pilates hands
Stretch and strengthen your body and mind with gentle therapeutic Pilates movements and sequences to help improve
balance and coordination, build core strength and maintain muscle tone.

Goddess Fitness Workout
A complete workout for any level of fitness, incorporating a cardio belly dance segment for heart health; pilates for
strengthening and lengthening; and yoga stretches and poses for balance and well-being.

La Blast®
Join a new generation of Cardio Dance workouts, created by Louis Van Amstel of “Dancing with the Stars”
and “So You Think You Can Dance.” Includes Latin dances like the ChaCha, Salsa, Jive and incorporates
Quickstep, Lindy Hop and Disco.

Living Tai Chi
Strengthen and relax with tai chi and qigong. Healing movement and meditation promote balance and resilience.

| Foundations

This class is for both beginners and experienced students.

| Foundations & Forms
This class is for experience student only. Prerequisite: Foundations Class.

| Foundations & Forms Package
Two days a week of supervised practice provide ideal conditions to jump start your own personal daily practice.

Mixed Martial Arts

Bring out your cat-like attributes of speed, flexibility, endurance, timing, power, coordination, balance,
and fluid motion! Non classical combative martial arts training emphasizes physical fitness and self-defense.

Nia® Body-Mind-Spirit
Nia is cardiovascular fitness blending
movements from Dance, Martial Arts, and the Healing Arts.

Stretch and Be Fit...with a Smile hands
This class is designed to improve your balance and coordination with a wide variety of exercises, including floor warm-ups, resistance bands, simple yoga poses and dance moves.

Total Fitness:
Energize and vitalize your body from head to toe, inside and out! A 10-minute warm-up, a 30-minute
aerobic (cardiovascular) segment followed by toning, strength training and cool down/ stretch.

Weight & Strength hands
Enjoy the best combination of low impact training and strengthening all in one session.

Gentle Yoga hands
Regular Yoga practice builds strength, improves flexibility, balance and promotes a sense of calm.

Hatha Yoga
Find balance in the body and mind, release tension in the hips and lower back, standing poses will help build
strength, chest openers and backbends to help open the heart area, then focus on the shoulders, neck
and head, releasing tension and stress of everyday life.

Sugi Yoga (Gentle Yoga & Movement)
ANYONE can do Sugi Yoga, even you! This non-traditional Yoga style is a combination of Hatha Yoga and the
Feldenkrais technique of movement.

Yoga Stretch
A regular yoga practice will improve/maintain flexibility, improve posture, prevent injury and relieve stress.

Zumba® Gold
This easy-to-follow class is the low-impact version of Zumba®, designed for participants of any age and those new to Zumba®.

Contemporary Self-Defense for the 21st Century NEW!
A modern realistic approach to self-defense that teaches you reality-based self-defense for the 21st century.


| Leagues
Basketball (3:3) & (5:5) | Bocce | Softball | Soccer (5 on 5) Flag Football | Kickball | Volleyball | Cornhole Bag Toss
Team up with your friends for some sports fun!

Visit our Sports Center at for Adult Sports League packets and information
or call (925) 682-0896

| Drop In Cornhole Bag Toss

Drop-in: $5 per person
Winslow Center, 2590 Pleasant Hill Road
(corner of PH Road & Taylor)
• Tuesday 7:00–9:00 pm

| Open Gym
PH Education Center Gym, 1 Santa Barbara Road

| Basketball: $5 per person
• Monday & Friday: 6:00–8:00 pm
• Sunday: 8:00–10:00 am

| Badminton: $5 per person
• Sunday 10:00 am-12:00 pm

| Badminton: Learn to Play Clinic For Beginners
Learn the correct basic skills and techniques of badminton: gripping, footwork, strokes, serve and stance.

| Adult/TEEN Tennis Classes | Click here to view Tennis Classes

Dance classes

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Spring Fling Dance
April 5 | 7:30-9:30 pm | Chateau Room, Senior Center | $6 (individual)/$10 (couple)
Celebrate with the ballroom dance students at their Spring Fliing. Everyone is welcome, including former students! Great music, a fun dance lesson and special formation show number included!

Spring Belly Dance Halfa!
April 28 | 7:30-9:30 pm | Chateau Room, Senior Center | $10 (adults), $5 (seniors), children 12 & under free.
Join the students of Sharifa's belly dance classes to celebrat Spring. Potluck and bazzar with entertainment included.

Line Dance Social
May 21 & July 16 | 3:00-6:00 pm | Chateau Room, Senior Center |$10 Drop-In
Join the fun with a combination of country-western, polkas, waltzes and Latin line dances for women and men. Partners not required.


A Blast from the Past Dance Series
"The Charleston" 3-Week Workshop series. Learn a simple, styled routine with a flashing ending!

Belly Dance Technique, Level II
Take your dance performance to another level!

Bollywood/Belly Dance Fusion
A fusion mix of Bollywood Dance and Belly Dance.

Let’s Dance: Ballroom
Are you looking for a fun hobby, weekly date night or a place to meet new people? Learn Fox Trot, Swing, Rumba & Cha Cha Cha! PARTNER RECOMMENDED.

Salsa Dancing with Soul and Spirit (All Levels)
Learn the Soul and Spirit of Salsa with basic and advanced routines based on choreography from instructor’s Salsa
Championships (1973–2014).

Line Dance
A combination of country-western, polkas,waltzes and Latin line dances for men and women. Partners are not required!