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Breakfast With Santa Sponsorship Form

  1. Santa Claus sitting on a throne

  2. Thank you for your interest in supporting this delightful holiday tradition! Please review the sponsorships opportunities below and select which one fits best with your community outreach goals. If you have other ideas on how you can sponsor this event, please contact Sheila Cotruvo at (925) 682-0896 Ext. 652. Your support helps make fun recreational community events possible.

  3. Santa Sponsor!

    Get maximum recognition by sponsoring the star attraction of the event, the Big Man Himself, Santa Claus. Your logo will be displayed in all photos as the children sit on Santa's lap and whisper their holiday wishes in his ear.

  4. Arts & Crafts Sponsor

    Hands-on activities for the kids always make a party more fun! Sponsor the holiday arts & crafts project with your logo printed on materials where appropriate. We provide the arts & craft project materials. Your craft ideas are welcome!

  5. In-Kind Donations

    We gratefully welcome your in-kind donations appropriate for the event and the guests who attend. Cash is also an option. In-kind donations help support the event logistics and/or make it even better by provide a little extra magic to the event.

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