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Share the Love is a special feature project that highlights District residents who are actively making their own lives better through Rec & Park activities, parks and events. Each resident shares his/her Rec & Park experience and what it means to them. The idea is to illuminate different types of recreational offerings we have available to inspire you, connect you with others, learn something new and stay healthy and active. We want you to find your own WOW! Rec & Park experiences!

If you'd like to share your own meaningful recreational experiences, please contact Jennifer Thoits,
Marketing & Communications Manager.

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Meagan McFadden

Meet Meagan McFadden. Meagan is a very special person in our community whose delightful quick smile, good humor and genuine sweetness endear her to everyone she meets. For the past 11 years, Meagan has faithfully attended Inclusive Recreation Dances for adults with developmental disabilities hosted each month by Pleasant Hill Rec & Park, the City of Walnut Creek or the City of Concord. She loves the opportunity to dress up, meet with her friends, listen to hip music and kick up her cute kitten heels on the dance floor. In fact, Meagan is usually the one to start the Conga line! 

These Inclusion Recreation Dances give Meagan and so many other adults, the chance to play, have fun and celebrate life. According to Meagan, birthday celebrations at the dances are a big hit and she looksforward to celebrating her big day in May. These specialized recreation activities also give Meagan and her friends the freedom to just be themselves with acceptance and easy inclusion. The impact on Meagan: joy. For more information on specialized recreation, contact Preston Jones at (925) 256-3531.

Thank you for sharing the love, Meagan. 

Don and Friend

Don Turner

Meet Don Turner. For the past 20 years, Don has dined with his friends at the CC Café, the Nutrition Program at the Pleasant Hill Senior Center. After losing his wife of 55 years, Don felt isolated in his home and was tired of his own company (and cooking). One day he decided to give the CC Café a try and has come back almost every day since. It’s not the food that keeps him coming back. It’s the people. He treasures the countless friendships he has made throughout the years with fellow Café patrons--people from all different backgrounds and parts of the world. He enjoys hearing their stories, learning from their life experiences and sharing a few of his own. 

For Don, the CC Café and the Senior Center has made a tremendous difference in his life. The sense of belonging and community he feels while spending time in the Café and in the Senior Center is a gift that lifts his spirits and keeps him laughing every day. In November, Don celebrated his 100th birthday with 90 people, many of them friends from the Café. Don invites those isolated seniors, especially men, to join him for lunch. His welcoming demeanor and infectious good humor won’t disappoint.

Thank you for sharing the love, Don.

Camille and Family

Camille Allen

Meet local resident and Rec & Park supporter, Camille Allen. Camille, mom-extraordinaire, has twins who attend Rec & Park’s School Year Preschool. Why is she such a big fan of our program? Because, as a former preschool teacher for Hillsborough Recreation, she has the chops to know a good thing when she sees it. She recognizes and appreciates the warm, loving, nurturing environment our preschool teachers create for her children every day.

She is also a big proponent of the preschool’s fundamental principle “learn through play.” And she likes that the preschool offers a top-quality program at such an affordable price. Camille and her young family look forward to participating in more kid-friendly activities and events in the years to come.

Thank you for sharing the love, Camille.                                                       


Sandi and Bryce at pool

Sandi Badley 

Meet long-time Rec & Park devotee, Sandi Badley. Sandi, an amazing cookie baker, is a die-hard water aerobics participant who has been attending water aerobic classes three days a week for the past 19 years! What initially prompted Sandi to try the class? After she retired, she was looking for a low-impact fitness option that would be gentle on her joints. Rec & Park water aerobics was a perfect fit. What’s amazing is that Sandi never formally learned to swim but still braves 3.5 feet of water each week to participate in her water aerobics class. Talk about devotion! Why does she keep coming back to Rec & Park? Because of the great instructors, like Bryce Halliday, and the connection she’s forged with her fellow water aerobic classmates over the years. She enjoys the sense of community and friendships that have resulted from attending class.

When she was working full-time, Sandi wished she and her family would’ve participated in more Rec & Park programs and taken advantage of all the recreational opportunities available. Hindsight is 20/20. When she is not in the pool, Sandi bakes and experiments with new cookie recipes each week. Lucky for her water aerobic friends, they get to enjoy the sweet results each Friday morning after class. If you ever wanted to try water aerobics, Friday morning just might be the day to give it a go—Sandi’s cookies are THAT good.

Thank you for sharing the love, Sandi!